Sunday, 30 March 2014

Birthday Celebrations

April 2013

We turned TWENTY-ONE! 
Getting older, whilst welcoming new responsibilities and fears and grown up strife is, at the end of the day, just a great excuse to have a good old-fashioned knees up, to combat all the fears of being one year older with a lot of alcohol. I know 21 isn't the age to start worrying about it, but still, what other way to celebrate then having not one, but TWO very vintage affairs? And you know what this means, folks- two utterly lovely outfits from yesteryear, styled, shown off, and snapped for 'What They Wore Yesterday!' 

   The first of these outfits was worn for a pre-birthday bash, and is one of my all-time favourite, go to vintage pieces. This dress has seen multiple vintage fairs, a few posh parties, and, as seen in the photo, an electric heater perfectly positioned to create Marilyn's skirt flying moment- not quite so glamourous as the New York subway grate, but what can you do? Back to the dress. A beautiful re-creation of forties tea dress, the deep crimson colour, elegant cut, and silk make it perfect for formal events- styled with what are becoming my trademark pearls and rolled hairdo, it goes perfectly with red lipstick, some high heels, and a champagne flute...and with a skirt perfect for swing dancing, all you need is a handsome GI on your arm, and the party is complete. 
  And the party was a great success! Everybody threw themselves into creating some great forties outfits, and we hosted the party in our cellar to give it a proper blackout theme. We decked it out with bunting and flowers and cake and lamps and candles in jam jars and all things utterly dreamy. 

The second of our birthday outfits (finally, a post featuring both bloggers!) were taken from the big skirts, fitted waists, and pretty prints of the fifties. Covered in sensible cardigans due to the fantastic English weather, these dresses- which are both high street purchases- worked wonderfully for a quaint birthday tea party! Wearing them took us back to childhood when your really took your party dresses seriously (not much has changed) and for the first time in a while, we ended up in almost identical outfits. Whilst there wasn't much time to go all out vintage for the bash, the full skirts and fifties flare added a good sprinkling of it to the day, which was celebrated, as ever, in style. 
  It was a family and friend filled affair and truly was a day to remember. Here are a few snaps of the wonderful celebrations, including our team of housemates and best friends who travelled up to Manchester to spend the day with us! 

 Thank you again to Laura Turner for her fantastic photography. A lot of vintage love for you! 

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