Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Very Vintage Mothering Sunday

Retro picture of a woman teaching child to make biscuits

There's something really lovely about Mothering Sunday, or Mother's day, as it's more commonly known now. Even if you only buy her a card and some flowers, just the gesture of showing your mum how much you appreciate all she does for you is good enough. 
  The history of Mothering Sunday is actually quite interesting. It is usually situated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and is actually a christian festival dating far back into its early days, when you visited your 'mother church' to celebrate. However, the festival evolved and particularly by the 19th century, it was established as 'Mother's Day'. During the days when domestic service was one of the most common forms of employment, it was one of the only days that servants were allowed to take the day off, to take home flowers and presents- usually baked goods- to their mothers. 
  So, to celebrate this tradition, we decided to do something extra-special and delightfully vintage, in the form of an afternoon tea celebration! Our very large, very lovely family all pitched in to create a table laden with cakes, sandwiches, tea, and other treats. 
The burst of sunshine meant that Helen's Riviera trousers got a special outing, paired with her trusty pearls, whilst Catherine wore a Cath Kidston tea dress, making its debut on What They Wore Yesterday! Navy blue and decorated with white teapots, its a quirky take on the traditional tea dress that looks oh-so 1940s, especially why you add some trusty harris tweed brogues. 

The cakes were made by our lovely mum and our wonderful aunties, who all provided their collection of beautiful vintage china to celebrate the occasion. If you're looking to host a vintage tea party but don't know where to start, they're the ones you want to get in touch with. 

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