Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Land Girls

February, 2013 

'If it wasn't for the war, she'd be where she was before.' 

Today, I'm combating the rain with a practical, hard wearing woollen jumper, taking inspiration from the uniform of the Women's Land Army. Glamorised by a vintage, pearl-collared blouse, it's still reminiscent of the scratchy jumper and blouse combination that these heroic women wore daily during WWII. There is something so wonderfully simple about the uniform, and yet so recognisable- the image of Lumber Jill was a popular propaganda pin-up during the war.

To us, they have become something of a fashion icon, with their corduroy breeches, blouses, and woolly jumpers, and for us, they capture the spirit of the Home Front: hard work, and digging for victory. 
 The story of the Land Girls didn't end as well as it should have done. Like many women who 'did their bit' during the War, their service was not recognised or commemorated as it should have been. Good news, however! The Women's Land Army Tribute are in the process of creating a memorial to remember all the women who served on the land. The unveiling will be in May, but if you'd like to find out more, please follow this link to their website:
  It's been fantastic following the progress of this for the last two years. Hearing the stories of ex-land girls who have donated, from all over the world, and reading about their memories is truly fascinating. Though it seems like a glamourous, adventurous part of the war to us now, it was a gruelling and difficult task with little reward. 
We can't wait to see the memorial! 

Jumper and blouse both discovered in West Country charity shops, thrown together on a rainy day. 

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