Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Jazz Club

February, 2013

We're the first to admit that our vintage day-to-day style is pretty war time comfort. We like tweed, we like tea dresses, and we like the forties. Wiggle dresses? No thank you. Rock and roll, cherry patterned fifties skirts? Not us. No way. No thank you. Total admiration for women who want to squeeze into that sort of glamour every day, of course, but it really isn't us. 
But wait! Hold onto your fascinators and pill box hats! We're taking it back to the 50's today, inspired by last night's Call the Midwife! But not by wearing about 80 layers of net skirt (we save that for really special occasions) because actually, women didn't squeeze themselves into those sorts of dresses daily. Our great-aunt often reminisces about ironing and starching petticoats for Saturday night dances, but not for a trip to the shops. So, we thought we'd show off some of the more casual looks of the fifties. 

This gorgeous jumper is a Jazz Club essential. Teamed with a pair of black high-waisted slacks and a slick of red lippy it oozes causal sophistication. Comfortable and warm, it's a perfect step into Spring; defying the chilly weather in the name of Vintage!

Alternatively, for a more conventional look, it looks great with a high-waisted full skirt and red patent wedges, capturing Dior's New Look perfectly. The New Look was welcomed with open arms - and we're not surprised. After the itchy blouses and utility wear seen during the war, a healthy dose of glamour was just what the Doctor ordered.  

And of course, what Jazz club get-up would be complete without a bottle of Babycham?

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