Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Mad Woman

In my posts, I talk a lot about how clothes document the growth of gender equality and how they have become a symbol of women's liberation from social restraints. After the swinging sixties post and the marvel of Catherine's glorious Office bargain, I thought I'd try my hand at dressing for the sixties, with a sprinkle of social revolution on top. 
 The sixties weren't just about mini-skirts and the magical mystery tour. It was a time of social revolution, and in once more, it was a time of massive upheaval and independence for women. As we've seen in previous posts- cometh the woman, cometh the brand-spanking-new wardrobe.
Today, I am channelling Joan Holloway's fabulous style from Mad Men. From a woman in the 1960s work place to a woman trying to get a degree to get into the work place, power dressing is important. Gone were the impractical full skirts and tight bodices of the 50s- women were starting to be taken seriously, and so seriously they dressed. 
The character of Joan is ballsy, classy, and sassy. Pretty opposite to the trophy wife image, which is why her style is perfect to emulate for this post. 
  This dress is definitely not your average day to day wear, but the fit is fantastic, and it be dressed up with the perfect pair of courts, or dressed down with a good pair of ballet pumps or boots. Personally, I think its the perfect tribute back to the serious side of the sixties, when women were breaking out of the fifties stereotype of being a perfect housewife and breaking into the workplace. 
So thank you, Mad Men, and thank you Joan Holloway. You may be beautiful, you may havethe most incredible figure on the planet, but you're a working girl.
And we love you for it.

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