Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Riviera

March 2013

I'm not going to lie. Writing this particular post is pathetically exciting for me. This is perhaps my tip top favourite ever vintage outfit. When I wear it, I feel that Caro Emerald should be serenading me as I walk down the street, and Gregory Peck should come round the corner a la Roman Holiday and sweep me off my feet. Yes. It's one of those outfits. 
  Considering it is raining buckets today, this outfit might not seem particularly appropriate. After braving the rain in wellingtons, I arrived home into the warmth and immediately decided to add some decadence and delight into what was shaping out to be a dreary day. 

  Et Voila! To beat the British blues, I've gone back to the 1930s and channelled some of their summer styles. I was inspired by all those high society aristocratic women, who, in the heat of the French Riviera summers, wore similar light, white, and floaty materials to keep cool. These trousers are always a winning summer item, not only for their comfort, but because they just ooze decadance, and wouldn't look out of place on a summer yacht of the 1930s, or in an Agatha Christie novel set in some exotic country. They can be dressed up, down,become gloriously femme fatale or simply primrose pretty.
These trousers have travelled with me to Europe, been worn to weddings, on National Trust days out, to VERSAILLES nonetheless, and even been perfect comfort clothes when heartbroken or on gloomy days. I love them with all my heart, and I'm dreading the day that they fall apart from too much wear.
Though the trousers are so feminine and deliciously glamourous, there's still that hint of avant-garde that we saw in Suffragette look. Trousers had always belonged to men, and I adore the idea that women were adapting them as their own, with a playful, vivacious, dramatic, and very literal flare. 
I've added a silk, pearl-collared blouse and pearl in earrings to add even more elegance, and the flowers in my hair...well, why ever not?

Trousers are a high street find. The blouse was hunted down in a Devonshire vintage shop, and the earrings were a gift. 
Cup and saucer also a vintage fair find! 

Thank you to the extremely talented Laura Turner for her wonderful photography skills. I owe you cake and cocktails. 

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