Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Twenties with a Twist

A blog post with a twist today, good readers!

We're here to show you how to work a vintage look with a high street twist today. We realise that whilst some of you readers adore the vintage lifestyle, you might not find the time, or have the patience to rummage round charity shops and vintage fairs looking for those perfect pieces. It's totally understandable.

What you can do, however, is find some great copycats on the high street, which is fantastic for those one off retro parties, the 20's themed nights out, or maybe you're just dipping your toe in the vintage water and want to try something on for size. It's not everyone's cup of tea, looking like they've stepped out of the wrong era, and whatever you wear you should feel comfortable in. If you leave the house in full forties dress and feel, well, a little bit silly, then that's okay. By choosing certain pieces or styles you can still work the retro look, from a splash of red lippy to a sixties shift, or a flapper dress for the big night out.

And that's what we're here to show you today. We've chosen to emulate a look from the twenties today, because that era is HUGE at the minute (thank you Baz Luhrmann and The Great Gatsby)! It seems that we can't escape sparkles, drop waist dresses or fringed hems at the moment, so here's our easy peasy guide to getting the look.

Helen's working a dress found in the Topshop sale for £40 today. It's fantastic because the colour is perfect, a bang on trend peach colour, with the scalloped edges and embellishment that harks back to the era of the Charleston and Fitzgerald. This dress is great purely because of it's shape. If you don't have that straight up-straight down figure that was oh so popular back then, like oursleves, then this nipped in at the waist t-shirt style is not only comfortable but flattering too.

Helen's got her hair in classic rolls, which wasn't huge in 1920's - think more slicked down hair with a prominent parting, but her make up is spot on. Heavy eyeliner, creating a smoky look, and of course a slick of red lipstick.  And of course it wouldn't be complete without a little bit of liquor, so bring forth the gin and whip up some fabulous cocktails to get the party started!

Catherine is modelling a dress from Next (£38). It’s light, cotton material make it a summer classic. And if you’re brave enough, it can easily be dressed down with a cardigan and some sandals, perfect for a European city break. It's quite short, in hindsight, she may have bought a top for a tall person, but being a hobbit does have its benefits, and if you wear an under dress, it works perfectly. 
As you’ll have guessed by now, Cath is lucky enough to be blessed with natural 20’s hair, but you don’t need to spend hours teasing your hair into finger waves, oh no! Simply head on down to Accessorize or Marks & Spencer and pick yourself up a cloche hat. Place one of these beauties on your hear and you'll feel like Daisy Buchanan in no time. Again, a summer staple for those lucky enough to be heading off to exotic climates!

So head down to your high street and keep a sharp eye for anything that touches on that retro look. But don't become too reliant on these high street giants. Remember - one of the brilliant things about leading this lifestyle is supporting independent shops and retailers. Trust us, there's fun to be found in wandering around vintage fairs and charity shops.

H & C

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